Harlan P. Kleiman - CEO
Mr. Kleiman founded Shoreline Pacific to address what he saw as an unfulfilled funding requirement for growing public companies. Since its founding, Shoreline Pacific has raised over $3 billion for more than 85 companies principally involved in natural resources, alternative energy technologies, biotech, medical diagnostics, telecommunications, the Internet and more.

For the 20 years prior to Shoreline Pacific, Mr. Kleiman designed and implemented business and financing strategies for new communication technologies, principally pay television and home video. He founded The Kleiman Company in 1979, one of the leading packagers of pay-television programming in the U.S.

Earlier, he was Vice President, Programming for Home Box Office, where he developed and negotiated the initial feature film package with the major U.S. film studios and initiated their made for pay T.V. program platform. As Senior Vice President, Cable Division of Warner Communications, Inc. he headed the group that created MTV and Nickelodeon. He then became Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Filmstar, Inc., a firm that arranged financing for film and television projects with foreign corporations, overseas funds, and commercial and merchant banks.

Mr. Kleiman holds a Master's Degree in Industrial Administration from Yale University. He was co-founder and Executive Director of New Haven's Long Wharf Theater. He was Assistant Professor of Theater & Film at New York University's School of the Arts; guest lectured at Harvard University, the University of Virginia, Yale University, and the University of Chicago; and served as a special consultant to the Ford Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts.

He has served as a trustee of National Public Radio, a Director of KQED, an advisor to U.S. Strategies Corporation and The Program in Human Values, California Pacific Medical Center. He is also a trustee of the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television and has recently been nominated to the Board of Trustees of The Buck Institute for Age Research. He has written the best-selling business book Pipes: The CEO’s Guide to Successful Private Investments in Public Equities.

Eric Hanson - Senior Advisor

Mr. Hanson is the founder and CEO of U.S. Strategies Corporation ("USSC"). Mr. Hanson has a broad and prevalent business and political career, beginning at the age of 23 when founded an energy engineering firm in Birmingham, Alabama. By the time he was 24 he was named one of Alabama's three outstanding business leaders. Further expanding on his business involvement, he has also been a co-founder of three multi-billion dollar New York Stock Exchange companies with a primary focus on healthcare. Additionally, through both personal and venture capital investments where he served as a limited partner, he has had a role in the financing of more than 80 companies. He has served on the board of numerous public (NYSE and NASDAQ) and private companies.

Approximately 20 years ago Mr. Hanson started USSC with a focus on business development, strategic planning and counsel on the complexities of dealing with government. His accomplishments have been extensive at the local, state and federal levels with projects running the gambit from energy to healthcare to finance.

Mr. Hanson's business and political relationships are far-reaching; from having been one of the founders of the Democratic Business Council to that as a Trustee of the Democratic National Committee, National Finance Chairman of the Democratic Mayors, Natinal Finance Chairman of the Democratic Governors, and the National Finance Chairman of Senator Bob Kerry's Senatorial election where he served along side National Campaign Chairman, Warren Buffet. He counts a number of business and political leaders as both confidants and friends.

Mr. Hanson's charitable involvements have ranged from serving on a metropolitian development board, to civic opera, and as National Chairman of the National Association of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Most recently, Mr. Hanson has been named Chairman of the US-Panama Business Council.

Anita Howe Waxman - Senior Advisor
As a Senior Advisor for Shoreline Pacific, Ms. Howe Waxman brings many years of experience as an executive and advisor to privately held companies, especially healthcare related companies.  Ms. Howe Waxman helps Shoreline determine the suitability and quality of potential clients and their projects in the seed stage of development.  In addition, Ms. Howe Waxman brings a large network high net worth individuals to help finance the growth companies Shoreline works with.

Ms. Howe Waxman founded and served as Chairman of Howe-Lewis International, a management consulting and executive search firm. She co-founded Diasonics, a medical imaging company which was greatly responsible for bringing Diagnostic Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology and equipment to world markets.

She was co-founder and director of American Biodyne, a for-profit, mental health services company which provides psychology-driven behavioral treatment programs. In 1992, while Ms. Howe Waxman served as director, the company was taken public, and was soon after acquired by Medco Containment Services (later itself acquired by Merck). Together with KKR, a Management buyout back from Merck resulted in the increase in the company’s annual revenues to over $800 million.

Ms. Howe Waxman has served on the Board of Directors of SOS International, a worldwide medical service company, which was eventually sold in the late 90’s for approximately $800 million. Working in some of the most inhospitable places on earth, SOS offers international standards of medical care where it is otherwise not available, or where cultural or language barriers prevent its proper implementation. While with SOS, she was responsible for the formation of western-style medical clinics in numerous emerging third world countries, and from 1992, helped established SOS clinics in China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Romania, and the former Soviet Union.

Through her involvement with SOS International, she became a co-founder and member of the Board of International Medical Care, Ltd. (IMC), which today is a rapidly growing Geneva based company, that staffs and operates family practice outpatient clinics and provides emergency room health services throughout the world.

She actively participated as a volunteer on the Advisory Committee of “Human Rights Watch, Children’s Rights Project.” She was also a member of the Board of the International Center for Better Health (ICBH), which conceived, built and operated a medical clinic in Moscow serving women and children.

In 1993, she established the Howe-Waxman Family Foundation, which is today dedicated to serving the needs of women and children worldwide, with a focus on those challenged with life threatening illnesses and socio-economic limitations. In 1998, through this Family Foundation she established the “Noah’s Ark Foundation,” which has built and continues to operate the Passin-Waxman Center, a private home for orphaned children in Moscow, Russia.

Jeff Alexander - Managing Director

Mr. Alexander’s entrepreneurial experience is extensive. Soon after founding his first business in 2001, an automotive dealership at 22, he expanded into other avenues. He rapidly increased his retail market share through strategic financing. Seeing an opportunity in automotive lending, he created a related finance company to allow for increased profitability and marketability of his retail businesses.

Mr. Alexander is a proven multi-business manager specializing in small business development, marketing and strategic planning. In retail focused businesses, he has taken a number of startup retail and wholesale sales operations from nothing to over $4.5 Million in annual sales in the first year of operations.

Using his experience in the financing arena and the management of both prime and sub-prime clientele, he moved into the real estate market. Using strategic partnerships, Mr. Alexander, quickly amassed a large rental real estate portfolio. The experience gained thru his finance company was valuable in maintaining solid renter evaluation and in managing his properties.

Mr. Alexander has further managed nearly $5 million in retail inventories while directly supervising a portfolio of over 1300 installment loans with accounts receivables over $4.3 million dollars. Mr. Alexander is a consistent top sales and sales management professional with over 13 years of sales and sales management experience.